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Barcelona to Bilbao

Photo of Casa Batllo in BarcelonaArt and architecture. Old-world languages and cultures. The Picasso museum. Gaudi’s fanciful Park Güell and Casa Milá. San Sebastián’s food scene. Bilbao — the mesmerizing Guggenheim Museum. Dalí’s surrealistically decorated medieval castle…

Portugal Discoveries

Photo of Portugal beach with grandmother and childA country of contrasts. The ceremonial art of drinking prized port wine. The soulful sounds of Fado in private concert. An elegant, forest-secluded palace/hotel — fit for royalty. Panoramic views. Sintra’s lavishly decadent architecture…

Bilbao & Beyond

Photo of Guggenheim BilbaoBasque culture. Historic and hospitable. The ancient walled city of Fuenterrabía. Hemingway’s Pamplona. San Sebastían’s beaches & world-renowned chefs. The Guggenheim Bilbao — a sculpted piece of art itself and acclaimed museum in a city that’s risen to the top of must-see lists worldwide…

Wine & Gastronomy

Photo of Bilbao window with drying peppersPassionate chefs. Vintage wines. Fresh, exotic, traditional foods. Share “Europe’s great undiscovered culinary destination” in this brand-new just-for-women tour of Northern Spain. Discover a new cuisine!

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