Joan Miguel“Hola a todos! Hi everybody! My name is Joan Miquel.”

Joan was born in a fishing town on the Catalan coast, but he’s been living in Barcelona since 2002. After studying languages for three years in the university and then visiting Italy for the very first time, he understood that art was what he really liked. He began studying Art History and after getting his degree, Joan soon realized that the best way for him to help people discover his region’s great cultural and artistic heritage was by becoming a tour guide. He is now showing the splendour of Barcelona and Catalonia to all — Spaniards and foreigners — who decide to spend their holidays in his country. Besides working as a guide, Joan also works for some publishing houses writing articles about art, culture and history.

“I think that art is life and life is art, and that’s what I want to transmit to everybody in order to make their stay in Catalonia as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.”

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