Vicky BucktonVicky Buckton, born in England of a Basque mother and English father moved to Bilbao in 1972 after studying Dress and Design at Bristol University, Great Britain. She worked as a teacher for 23 years until she returned to Deusto University in Bilbao to study a Masters Degree in Cultural Leisure Management. Since then she has worked in two art galeries gaining her curators certificate and has worked as a tour lecturer specializing in Spanish gardens and Art.

A few years ago she started introducing the new designer wineries in the Rioja as part of art tours and a result of this she was asked to colaborate with the V Congress of Great Wine Capitals held in Bilbao in 2003. Gastronomy and wine have always been her hobby and she has been on many cookery courses and did a wine tasting course with Itxaso Arana, Spain's champion wine taster in 2003.

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