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We always enjoy the opportunity to help travel writers/editors alert their readers to some of the most interesting and fascinating places in the Basque Country, Northern and Central Portugal and Catalan Spain.

We can supply you with photos, additional information on our tours, or specifics on any upcoming familiarization trips.

From our tours come wonderful story possibilities, such as:

  • Small groups — a better way to travel
  • Frank Gehry’s new wine bodega opening in 2005
  • Green wine (Txokoli) from green Spain
  • Port wines
  • Gastronomic Societies
  • Palaces in Portugal
  • Basque Dances
  • Festival sports such as stone lifting
  • Zubi-Zuri & other interesting bridges of Bilbao
  • Laguardia, a village tunnelled with 250 wine cellars
  • Interview with acclaimed chef Daniel Garcia of Zortziko in Bilbao

Additionally, we can help arrange interviews with our guides, chefs, travel guests and other experts to help create a most interesting story.

Fact Sheets:

Portugal charms us with its hand-crafted culture and attention to detail sadly lost among most societies today

  • Smaller towns and rural areas that seem rooted in the last century
  • Cornucopia of castles and palaces — each with its own fascinating story to tell
  • 2002 offers two journeys to undiscovered Portugal

Recent Stories featuring Cobblestone Small Group Tours:

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Names Cobblestone Small Group Tours an International Expert

  • October 2004 issue lists “80 Experts for Your Travel Files”

The Secrets of Sicily (International Travel News, October 2003)

  • by Alba Orsi and Paulette Hurdlik
    For stressed Americans, the Sicilian approach to life offers a little bit of paradise.

Eating My Way Through Northern Spain (The Cultured Traveler, September, 2002)

  • by Marilyn Wilson
    “It was a gastronomic experience for the soul!”

Trippy Barcelona (New Orleans Times-Picayune, Jan. 20, 2002)

  • by John Pope
    This spirited Spanish city takes great pride in its independence, from its language to the adoration of the weird and wonderful Antoni Gaudi.

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