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Spain’s San Sebastián has the best food you’ve never heard of.” —Food and Wine magazine


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Wine, Women & Spain

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Cobblestone is owned by two women who love to gallivant over the globe on their own. During our 15 years in business, we’ve noticed that about two-thirds of our travelers are women, who travel as part of a couple, alone or with a female friend. Thus we introduce our first tour that's exclusively for women.

With a nine-day “best of the best” itinerary, Wine, Women & Spain offers our guests the opportunity to savor a cuisine as independent (and wines as spirited) as the Basque people you'll meet. Discover a new cuisine and culture with your best friend, your wine club, your book group, your daughter, your sister or come on your own and make new friends!

Immerse yourself in a unique destination, where forthright flavors and complex wines have received high acclaim from tough critics. Here’s what just a few of them have to say:

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The New York Times: The Basques represent “Spain’s best cooks.”
Food & Wine: San Sebastián, “Europe’s great undiscovered culinary destination.”
Gourmet: Basque Country long celebrated for “exceptional food and outstanding chefs.”
Wine Enthusiast: Northern Spain emerges as a “global wine power, with its best years ahead.”
Wine Spectator: “Spain – the new source of Europe’s most exciting wine and food.”
Slate: Adventures in Basqueland

Basque-style cooking celebrates both centuries-old traditions and new influences. Sample dishes include roasted red peppers stuffed with crab, prawns and morels in scented olive oil, the freshest fish caught by hook, clams and artichokes in parsley sauce, smoked sheepsmilk cheese and frozen lemon mousse in puff pastry.

Wines from La Rioja, Navarra and the Basque Country predate the Roman period. The wines you’ll taste on our tour reflect a time-honored tradition embodying a true spirit of the people, its land and regional grapes. We introduce you to their impressive results.

Join a gathering of like minds, light hearts and high spirits as we eat and drink our way through this fascinating country, creating cherished travel memories as we go.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

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This tour includes:
off-the-beaten-path places
deluxe hotels
gourmet dining
fine local wines
landmark sites
knowledgeable, regional, English-speaking guides
trip cancellation/medical insurance

2 nights:
Hotel Villa de Laquardia in the heart and soul of La Rioja

3 nights:
Hotel Londres in San Sebastián, located on the beach in the center of town

2 nights:
Hotel Carlton in Bilbao — Beaux arts splendor within walking distance to the Guggenheim Museum


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